Jun 22


Last Friday – Last day at work! I got totally shit faced at a happy hour and botched about my abusive boss. I finally got it off my chest: she was not as hot as she thought, as no one with a waddle can be classified as “hot” in my humble opinion.

Last Saturday – Nursed hangover. Oh, it was bad. I pissed Tony off while drunk, but we worked it out.

Last Sunday – Sat around and watched movies.

Monday – Sat around some more.

Tuesday – Started playing an old DOS computer game that I bought in the 90’s.

Wednesday – Added RAM to my computer and got further in the computer game.

Thursday – Won the computer game!

Friday – Cleaned up a bit. Hung out with Tony. He’s been super stressed at work, so I wanted to focus on him.

Saturday – Road trip! With shopping! But not for me….

Sunday – More shopping! We bought Lina a kitty leash. As anticipated, she hates it. But she will learn to love it.

I feel so much better…

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