Apr 17

What I am thankful for

Okay, so I open the school newspaper today and I read everything like I normally do. Then I look casually through the classifieds and spotted my roomate’s ad for the room she’s kicking me out of. So of course I feel immediately like I want to vomit. On her. Sigh. But then I read my email and visited a couple of sites and I feel better. So, thank you to the following persons for helping me to drag myself out of this pit:

To Nikhil, for what must have been the fastest email to date. :o)

To Paula and Bill, who tentatively agreed to my Pity Party idea.

To Tlace, who plugged my site on her far more popular one, thus giving me a major happy.

To Kai for parenthetical asides. ;^)

To the people who keep getting referred to my site from Google on the search for either “buffy porn” or “vampire porn.” You’re sick, but I like it.

And if anyone wants to let me know why my index page for BWLS doesn’t appear on Netscape, while every other page does, you will be thanked as well. 🙂

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