Mar 30

I hate taxes; love design

I spent a million years doing taxes today, but it’s all done. By the way: H&R; Block lies to you when it says it will e-file your state return for free if you do a federal return there. I sent them an angry letter, so hopefully they’ll change thier information about that. Taxes are no fun, but getting that rebate check sure is…

On the less random front: I oftentimes go to design sites to check up on what’s new in the webdesign world. Usually, Buffy sites are a year behind the design sites on issues and ideas, so it’s nice to get a heads up. So, issues of the moment? Unsurprisingly, originality in websites. But here’s the interesting part: instead of seeing just formats and graphics as the original parts to a website, this issue is about personality. Can I just say that this was a long time coming? These sites are dedicated to going out of one’s element and reaching out to sites one would never have gone to otherwise. So, in that vein, I am supporting those sites that try to support us.

1. Aortal: the Anti-portal: Thier goal is to get people to “At least once a week, use your site to promote another in the independent web. Write a review if you like. Tell others who may find you about the great diversity in art, personal publishing, scientific research, and the spirit of sharing offered by the original web.” Love them.

2. “Independents Day is a worldwide project celebrating independent content and design on the web. It’s supported by an informal network of designers, artists, writers, editors, developers, and producers who create content and design to enrich the web (and not necessarily their bank accounts).”

3. Soul of the Web: Totally dedicated to exposing people to parts of the web that they would not normally be a part of.

Anyway, if there’s an internet cause to be supported right now, this is it. Support your local website today.


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