Mar 25

Three points

Ok, so I have so much to say today that it blows my mind.

1. I keep having Buffy dreams. Now, I love it when it happens because I can think about them, but they have been coming alot lately and they have been getting more disturbing. The first one happened after “Sleep Tight” aired on Angel and I was sitting at my dinner table with Angel and Wes and Conner came up through the floor fully grown and started yelling/asking Angel why he didn’t rescue him from the hell dimension? Dude, it had been 24 hours, so I guess he was fully grown by then. Angel didn’t have anything to say. The second one was actually where I went to the Posting Board Party. It was at a stationery shop, but I couldn’t afford the paper to get people (Amy Ackner springs to mind) to give me autographs. The third was last night, and by far the most creepy. And is going straight into Fantasy Spoilage.

Ok, so I was watching from afar as Willow and Buffy were sitting on a bench trying to negotiate with Warren and Andrew. Warren wasn’t having any of it, so when Andrew started siding with the Slayer, Warren pulled out a gun and shot Andrew in the head. The fact that Andrew was so close to Willow sent her over the edge from horror that as Warren got up to leave, Willow threw herself down on the ground next to Andrew and when she came up, she had the black-eyes-of-magic in and her nails were all black too. She cast a binding spell at Warren and spoke inside this bubble where only they could hear, and he said something nasty to her, so she put her hands to her face (which was a weird contrast of black-eyes, black-nails and red hair) and screamed and then everything exploded. I then woke up.

I think I need help. Or at least a life.

2. I read in the Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago that AOL’s contract to use Internet Explorer is expiring. For those of you that don’t know, AOL-Time Warner owns Netscape, but has a contract with Microsoft to use IE as their system’s web browser. Well, the ramifications of this is that AOL is now beta testing using Netscape as its primary browser. The ramifications for websites, and Buffy websites in particular?

Well, if you are one of those site owners who have those silly requirements to view your webpage (like “ie5 | 1024×768 | lots of colors”), guess what? A shit load of web surfers are going to lose access to your webpage unless you make it compatable with Netscape. I always thought those requirements were annoying and arrogant, and now it looks like maybe (hopefully) that trend on Buffy sites is going to get really uncool real fast. This is not to say that I hate webmasters that do this. Hell, my favorite sites do it. But it’s still wrong. 🙂

3. Ok, I just have to share this. If you go into Trade Your Cow in For Some Buffy, and into the affiliates page where all the buttons are, look at the alt text for my button. It says “The Buffyverse’s Wacky love Shaft” (instead of Shack)! So last night I went in there, giggled and surfed on. But I kept going back, because for some reason I find it freakin’ hilarious. I kept thinking, “is it about porn?” Anyway, I hope you find it funny too. God, I love all of Heather‘s sites. I kinda want to change the name, since I think that name might be a bigger draw to the whole hedonistic crowd…

Anyway, I think that’s all for now…

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