Feb 28


My entire body hurts from the schedule of Tae Kwon Do and Akido that I’ve been doing this week. But that’s a good right, because it means I’ve been working out?

I think it would be cool if there was a Buffy site out there that was just a blog. I mean, just one page that a person writes on either daily or weekly basis about something having to do with Buffy (like what they thought of the episode, random thoughts that occur, etc). Some sites (like mine!) are just so full of crap that it would be nice just to go to one person’s straightforward blog about what’s going on in the Buffyverse. It could be “the Buffy Blog,” which admittedly sounds cool and yet absurdly funny at the same time. Or maybe lots of people (especially the kind who like to have an opinion, but don’t want to screw around with HTML) could have several blogs like this and the group could be known as “the Buffy Blogs,” with their own list and where a surfer only has to go to the one. I hate having all these cool ideas right around the time I can’t implement them. But it takes away all the pressure of a posting board and having a website (especially since having a Buffy site is so fraught these days with soap operatic things like “elitism” and other anal abberrations). Anyway – I can’t do this, so will someone else do it and then email me with the Blog/LiveJournal URL? It would be so cool to read opinions without all the crap involved.

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