Feb 18

Site updates and new room

Okay, so I’ve moved in to the most wonderful residence yet. Huge rooms, huge backyard, great tiling and… no cat smell! Yay! So one down, and about 10 million things to do.

First, about my website. totally ate it and had to be rescued by another internet company.  Pros on the issue: FTP (so my blogging can be on site!), Domain registration, 100 megabytes (yum) The Cons: Banner ads, I have to totally reformat my site (again) to make the links work, this company might be just as unstable as the last

The nitty-gritty? I really want to go to a paid server, but can’t afford it. As much as I hate banners (which might end up as pop-ups because both are equally annoying), my income-less state has made it impossible for me to handle even $5/month hosting fees. Well, it’ll take me a week or so to get everything up, so please be patient, this is really killing me because I’d like more than anything to have a good, stable website.

But on the up and up I was voted as “Best Webmaster” at the Silver Stake Awards! That makes me feel so much better…

Anyway, more updates coming soon!

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