Feb 6

More roomate drama

My roomate’s still not out of the apartment. She keeps leaving her stuff, like that damn salamander, as if she is marking her territory in some way. I really hate her, and since she still has keys, she can come in and out whenever she feels like it. So, I have to keep all my boxes of stuff in my room for fear that she’s going to steal my stuff. Plus, whenever I enter my apartment, the fact that she could be there puts bats in my stomach. Sigh. Friday is just not coming soon enough. She also wants to “clean” on Saturday… I neither want to see her or be bossed around by her after Friday, so doing that is really not on my list of high priorities. People suggested I just clean up my part and leave the rest to her. I’m taking it into consideration.

Is there anything more that can go wrong this week? Jason says yes. I hope not.

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