Jan 14


I’m pretty sick, well, I’m all drainy and my throat hurts. I really hope I can do updating tonight as well as watch Angel and do the reading for my classes. Oh yeah, and there’s that pesky Honors Thesis. Damn.

On a funnier note Heather made me an affiliate, but put me up as “The Buffyverse’s Wacky Love Shaft.” LOL. Maybe that should be my site name afterall. 🙂

I am soooooo tired, I just want to go to sleep right here at the lab. Silly Nyquil’s not out of my system and it’s been like 18 hours since I’ve taken it. So, if you read this, know that if i don’t update on Wednesday, I’m just really sick. And my roomate’s coming home on Saturday, which might make me sicker. Oh well, nothing i can do about that.

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