Jan 10


I think I’m psychic. Or at least getting there, because of a couple of things that have recently happened.

1. I went to see the Lord of the Rings and just knew I’d see my friend there. I, of course, told myself that that was stupid, but she ended up walking into the movie theatre right after I went to get a seat.

2. I had this feeling that this one guy was going to be my TA in a class this semester, and he’s not a TA, but a student in the class. It’s just getting all too weird.

On another front, I’m at school loading this new format to my server and I’m sooo bored. It’s really taking forever. I want to go home, especially before it rains. And I think I’m getting a headache and I have no coffee for tomorrow… All I need to upload one more page… one more… parts of my site are still a bit screwey from the format update, but I can change that tomorrow…

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