May 28

A million things to do

I am moving to New York on Sunday, with the internship starting on Monday, and I have a whole list of items that need to be done before that.  which means pretty much today and tomorrow.  The cat is getting her rabies booster and her nails trimmed and along the way I have some light shopping, repacking and picking up of dry cleaning.  And that’s the short list.

So, of course the only thing to do is use all that time to revamp and change over a website of 651 blog posts since 2001.  I know it can’t all be done at one, and in a way I would be happy with.  But I do feel happier right now, with the imperfetion than I was with Blogger.

There really is nothing to do now but get done with my time sensitive errands and let this wait until I have time on my hands again.

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