Jun 5

Week One in New York

New York skyline

I have been in New York for about a week now, and it has been great.  I think it all came together for me on Tuesday when I went to the market to pick up some food and thay had vegan “chicken” salad.  You mean I don’t have to make my own?  ROCK!

The subway hasn’t been a problem… yet.  I just have to take one train into work so that part isn’t rocket surgery.  It has been interesting once I’m exiting the subway, however.  I think I haven’t exited in the same way twice, making it difficult to acertain the direction I need to walk in to get to work in the first place. And today, the lady sitting next to me was picking her teeth, but I can work around that.

This weekend, I am going to the Westchester area, and I hear it’s really pretty, so it should be fun.  Work has been great, exactly what I went to school to do, and once the pay checks start rolling in, I’m going to feel really good.  I calculated it out, and it happens that I will be making more this summer than I did in 2008.

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