Jun 16

Like a vacation

So far, this summer has been great.  I have been working 37 hours or so a week and, even better, when I get home there is nothing that needs to be done.  At school, I was accustomed to spending the day in the business building, then at night eating a quick dinner, doing more homework, speaking with Tony and going to bed.

It was a very stressful year, one that was hard on my mind, my self-esteem and also my health.  I had respiratory infections, strep throat and constant sleep deprivation that ate away at me.  Since starting my internship, a lot of that has gone away.  I am tired, but it’s mostly because I am relaxed and having fun.  I can watch TV if I like, or talk with the people I’m staying with.  I feel like a happier, more pleasant person to be around.

Most of all is the reaction is see in other people.  Everyone is super happy and friendly, and my boss is happy with my work.  I contrast that to school, where I feel like everyone is perpetually unsatisfied and I am always having to work, work, work to get even a little respect.  For a city with a reputation of being so mean, it is an oasis of happiness for me right now.  I’m not sure I want to go back, although I know I will.

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