Jul 25


The title would reflect the sound  I made this morning as I missed the phone by mere seconds and realized that my friend Dara, concerned by my lack of posting, called me from Singapore.  And I have no international dialing capabilities.  Sorry, Dara! Sorry, me.

So I haven’t posted in awhile. Oops.  I chalk it up to having a lot of fun and a spotty internet connection here at the Rancho Soho.

I have been having fun.  Last week, Tony and I saw Rock of Ages, a musical incorporating most of the 80’s rock band highlights with a funny story.  I’ve also seen the new Harry Potter (which I liked), and God of Carnage, a Tony award winning play with James Gandolfini and Marcia Gay Harden.   Last night I went to the Met’s Summer Recital Series in Queens, which was great.  I got to hear the full version of the Largo al factotum from the Barber of Seville (also known as the aria where the guy sings “Figaro” a million times).  I had never heard it in full before, so that was a treat.

Tomorrow I am seeing 9 to 5, the Musical, which got some great reviews.  I always wanted to see the movie, but never got a chance.  Dolly Parton, who starred in the movie wrote all the music and lyrics for the musical version, so it should be fun.

In three weeks I head back to Pennsyltucky again, so I am glad that I got some good entertainment in before the only entertainment in town becomes watching everyone get drunk.  If I could have my way, I would be doing this internship for another 11 weeks, it’s been a blast.

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  1. Dara

    July 27, 2009


    No wonder you’ve been to busy to update. Don’t worry I’ll try to call again later when our time zones gel

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