May 13

The big purchases

In the last month, as I should be saving money for school, I have made two appliance purchases that would certainly make any penny pincher blanch. The first purchase was a Dyson DC-14 vacuum cleaner, which retails at $550. I bought it for $397 and as Tony went halfway with me, I spent $210 on it. We bought one together a couple of months ago, and because he will be keeping that one, it was only fair to split it with me.

The second purchase is the blender to the left, the Vita-Mix 5000. It’s the blender that smoothie bars and regular bars use to make their smoothies and frozen drinks. It retails at $399, but I am getting a factory reconditioned one for $349 (although, with tax and shipping, it’s still $399)!

I decided to get these two products because, despite the hefty price tag even with the discounts, they are the best at what they do. I am tired of buying inferior products and feeling like I am wasting my money that way. When we first got the Dyson, we were able to pick up years worth of dirt, hair and fur. As for the blender, I burned through one and the cheap Oster I have now is just not keeping up with my smoothie consumption. It’s loud, dull and leaves little parts of the fruit in the smoothie, making it gritty. The Vita-mix is guaranteed for 7 years to blend smoothies, nut butters, soups and ice creams perfectly. I am particularly excited about making sorbets, since right now, my blender cannot handle ice at all. The Vita-Mix can crush a half gallon of ice in seconds.

Despite these rationalizations, I’m still not sure if it’s the right thing to do. After all, I am frantically routing money into savings for college right now. I know that if I were still going to be working, I wouldn’t think twice about this. It’s really hard though, when you are used to having a steady cash flow, to going back to constantly worrying about whether or not you will have enough to eat for the next month. I want to feel like I am doing the right thing for me, but who ever knows what that is?


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