Aug 15

Just like a dream

Yesterday was my last day at work, and so this weekend I am packing to go back home.  This summer, with all of its excitement, has felt like a dream.  I have been happier here than I have anywhere in a long time.  Partially, that’s because I am absolutely miserable in the middle of Pennsylvania.  But I think New York really showed me the light at the end of the tunnel, that I really am cut out for the life that I am slowly carving out for myself.

Friday was actually pretty emotional for me.  Everyone said that they were sad to see me go, and unlike other times where I was doubtful of people’s sincerity, I knew that I had fit in and that people really would miss me.  I think I had missed that feeling of fitting in, because I can tell I don’t at school.  It was like, after a year of slamming my square peg into the wrong hole, I finally found a place I belonged.  And who can really tell after 3 months of working somewhere?  But it felt right.

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