Aug 26

First week back

My schedule so far seems to be working out.  With Tuesdays completely free, I was able to accomplish so much more that I would have otherwise and have stayed relaxed, albeit tired.

I have one class on Thursdays, and its in the afternoons, so my ability to sleep in is expanded to 5 days a week.  Some of my professors are a little nuts though.  I have to read a whole book by next week?  Good thing it’s interesting!  If it weren’t that would be much harder!  One good thing about coming back to school:  I just saved $1400 on a software package using my student discount!

In addition to school, the stakes are higher this year in terms of career.  But I’m not going to beat myself up at this point.  It’s a tough economy, period.  I have more experience now, and a more focused passion for marketing, so hopefully that will help me.


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