Aug 30

Not going to be a crazy fan

So, as everyone knows, I got into web design primarily as an outlet for my complete obsession with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series.  And looking back, I was definitely not alone.  I think that having a web community like that really helped me grow into technology and gave me another hobby in designing websites, something I love doing to this day.

But boy, was I into Buffy.  I still do watch it from time to time, and believe that it was the best thing on television.  And there are other television shows that I watch and like, but until recently none could really capture my attention like Buffy could.  This summer, however, I started watching a show on HBO called True Blood, which is just… awesome.  It is created by the guy who also did American Beauty and Six Feet Under, both of which I loved.  And besides the similarities that there is a blonde chick with a superpower and vampires, I really don’t see it as similar to Buffy in any way.

True Blood is based off of a series of books by Charlaine Harris called the Sookie Stackhouse Novels, and is about a girl named Sookie who is telepathic in a small town in norther Louisiana.  Vampires have recently exposed their existence to the world, and Sookie realizes, after meeting a vampire named Bill, that she can’t read their minds.  Grateful for the silence, she gets involved in romances and hijinks with the vampire world.

This summer, I read all the books, which took me about two weeks of steady reading to get through.  They’re really great – like popping brain candy.  For a tired MBA student sick of boring reading material, it was awesome.  And the show is so good, just like the best parts of lots of shows I like.  It doesn’t have the witty banter that I usually look for, but it makes up in solid plots and acting.

I have all the books and the DVD of the first season, but I think I’m going to take a lesson from being a Buffy fan and not go nuts.  I have made a vow not to buy merchandise and not to be so literal about watching new episodes.  They make DVRs now for a reason.  I am not doing a website.  Basically, par of me wants to go a bit nuts and annoy the crap out of everyone with how much I love this show.  But I’ll stick to the occasional blog post and keep it at that.  My defunct Buffy site is a testament to how transient this kind of fandom is.

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  1. eelenay

    September 1, 2009


    great post! i remember knocking on your door during “buffy showings” when we lived in maricopa dorm and getting yelled at. just kidding.
    i have to say till this day–whenever i see sarah michelle gellar or anything buffy-related–i think of you. you have made quite an impact. =) hope things are going well for you out there on the east coast.

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