Sep 5

Trying to keep up

Since I really only posted once in July, I have been feeling guilty about not posting very much.  While part of that is that Dara called me from Singapore to tell me to post, it’s also that…. well, I like to write.  And writing, like any skill, is something that a person has to do often to stay sharp at it.  If I stop writing for long lengths of time, I can see it actually getting flabbier.  Flab is for my upper arms, not for my writing.  So, it’s bad for my 5 readers, and bad for me if I let it slide for too long.

Also, in the past couple of weeks, my writer’s ego has taken a bit of  hit.  I have been writing the papers for my marketing class, and we have been downgraded both times because the professor doesn’t like the writing.  Which, of course, upsets me because I feel like writing is my strength.  If I don’t have that, then what am I?  I hate the hits to my ego on this point, and while I think any professor’s style is subjective, it still smarts.

He actually said, “You need to write for an audience.”  What have I been doing semi-anonymously for the last eight years?

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