Sep 17

Seriously? Not Funny.

After a really long day today, I catch the bus home.  It’s night and it’s definitely a party bus full of undergrads ready to get drunk.  While I’m riding, I’m listening to a group of boys sitting beside and across from me at the front of the bus.  Their antics are slightly amusing, more in a “so dumb it’s funny” sort of way.  They start talking to a kid that owes them some money and he offers to do some sort of stunt to repay them the $7 for booze he took.

They start out by brainstorming things like eating ice cream with hot sauce, until one guy suggests that he randomly assaults someone on the street.  Suddenly, I’m not amused.  Then another boy pipes up:

“No, a sexual assault.”

Now, I’m angry.  What a disgusting piece of shit human being.  So I turn to all the boys with my best teacher face and say in my best teacher voice, “That’s not funny.”

And I swear to all the gods and goddesses and saints and angels, he says as a reply, “To a guy!”

Like that makes any difference.  I narrow my eyes further, and say “That’s still not funny.” And they all look at their shoes, until I get off on the next stop.

What’s interesting about this scenario is that just earlier tonight I got some serious push back for being concerned about gender equality, from a guy.  And I can’t help but wish that every woman would be uppity, would care about this stuff, because as long as we are unequal in this world there will be douchebag kids making jokes and dares about sexually assaulting other people.  As long as these kids are coddled for being sexist asshats, I will have to worry about people like my host sister in Uzbekistan, whose husband put her in the hospital with a hematoma in her brain from beating her so hard.

So male MBAs can talk about rationalizing sexist environments all they want, but until this shit changes, I’m going to do what I can to take down patriarchy wherever it is.

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