Sep 21


I was just having a talk with a fellow student who was taking the same classes and we agreed that:

  • Neither one of us wants to ever run our own businesses, and yet we love our entrepreneurship class
  • We both loved doing marketing this summer, and yet we have loathed all our marketing classes so far

I don’t know how else to explain this except that my entrepreneurship professor reminds me of Austin Powers, only smarter.  My marketing professors have had fits and starts where I’m not sure whether I want to strangle them, or I think what they have to say is useful.  Or am incredibly bored by them.

I don’t really know what to make of this for the future, except to say that I hope the rest of the year is better.  I feel like when I was in undergrad, I loved my majors and did wonderfully in them (I had a 3.9 major gpa in both majors).  This time around – not so much.  But I love the actual marketing – the kind I did during this summer.  And of course, although I loved my majors, I have never done anything with them.  I guess it’s worth it.

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