Oct 10

Breaking up is hard to do

I’m here in Minneapolis, going to a career fair.  The second largest, actually.  I went to the largest a couple of weeks ago in New Orleans, and it has definitely been exhausting.  My feet are swollen, my wallet is hurting, and I have gotten some good hits, but a ton of rejection to go along with it.

Along with the stress of the career fair, has come relationship drama.  As I have been schlepping around trying to get a job in the worst economy ever, suddenly the BF stopped calling.  For three days.  Today, at the end of the career fair, with feet sore and exhausted he finally calls in order to break up with me.

Don’t ask me why.  In fact, don’t ask him why either.  In some sort of rambling speech, he tells me that since I refused to take out the trash one time in New York, it was indicative of a serious character flaw (that he doesn’t name) and he no longer wants to be with me.  He also tells me that he wants to make sure he isn’t making “the biggest mistake” of his life and some other stuff that I can’t even remember except to say that it was rage-inducing. But basically, because I am a deeply flawed human being and he can no longer be with me. Oh, and he still loves me very much.

While not completely taken by surprise (when someone who has called you four times a day for three and a half years doesn’t call you, something is up), I am probably still in the shock phase.  Like, I committed to this man for three and half years and he breaks up with me over the phone while I’m in fucking Minneapolis? So, I guess he was surprised and hurt when I didn’t react very much.  So he asked me how I felt.  Like he has any right to know how I feel anymore.

Truthfully, I’m not sure how I feel.  I think it’s good that he broke up with me in the most cowardly, asinine way humanly possible.  In a way, that helps because I’m so angry at the way he has disrespected me, our relationship, and his so-called love that I don’t really feel that depressed.  I’m also a bit shocked that it went down like this. I thought if either of us broke up with the other, it would either be in a way that expressed our respect and past love, or during the course of a fight.

I just hope that things will get better and I can move on in a constructive way from all this.

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  1. rachel

    October 10, 2009


    Sorry to hear that.

  2. krissy

    May 15, 2010


    my ex broke up with me through SMS. can it get any worse and disrespectful than that? i doubt it. anyway, it has been a month and i cut all ties of communication with him. i am not speaking to him during the first 3 months. i doubt if i would want to speak to him even after that. i keep reminding myself that i am a strong, matured, love-wise beautiful lady who deserves so much more. good luck to both of us! 🙂

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