Oct 12

3 month rule

I am a big believer in the 3 month rule.  It states that after a break-up, you don’t communicate in any way with the person you were dating.  And it is completely working for me right now, because I want to call in the worst way.  Sometimes I want to call to bitch him out, or ask how he is doing, or just find out what is going on.  All of those things are such bad ideas that I need the rule to keep me from doing it. Nothing good could come of those conversations.

He doesn’t need to know if I am hurt, angry, or sad.  It’s none of his business and the reverse is also true.

At the end of 3 months, I’ll see how I am doing.


  1. David

    October 12, 2009


    3 months sounds a bit too generous. 3 years seems like a fair trade given the outright cowardly way he initiated the break up.

  2. Dara

    October 13, 2009


    I can’t believe he would break up with you in such a sniveling way. You probalby won’t have to call him in 3 months. I’d bet that he’d call you to see how you feel about it. Stay strong seprah

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