Nov 19

Marketing Fail

One of the things about going through this MBA program is that I have been looking at marketing in a whole new way.  When I see an advertisement on TV or the internet, I try to guess who the ad is targeting, and what the brand team is trying to accomplish with the ad.  In the case of Reebok’s new shoes, that are supposed to trim and tone legs as you walk, it’s pretty easy to guess.  I would be in their segment (I think), because I love the Fit Flops, which are the first shoes of this type to come into the market.  I don’t have time for the gym, but want to look fit.  I am female and still in the younger demographic.

However, I can’t imagine that this ad would ever target me.  Disembodied breasts talking in vapid, valley-girl voices? A woman bending over in white panties?  Why would any straight woman be into  this commercial?

Sometimes I get angry, because all these business to consumer companies that spend so much on marketing don’t even look at me twice because I wasn’t a marketing analyst for 10 years.  But then look what their brand teams with that experience are allowing their brand to say.  Are they serious?


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