Dec 30

8 Years Old

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been typing away on this blog in obscurity for eight years.  Actually, longer, since I am certain that I started this blog in October 2001, but then deleted all the posts until December because they were embarrassingly stupid.  Sometimes, I go way back to earlier posts and cringe at the bad writing and weird posts.  I also laugh, because before I went into the Peace Corps, a lot of my life was in the Internet.  I was creating websites and talking with webmasters from all over.

Now, I’m on social media and a ton of other Internet-related stuff, and my life has a completely different trajectory then I had back then.  I am so glad that I started the blog, because I feel like a better writer for it.  It’s also the best time capsule ever into my earlier self, as immature as she was.


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