Dec 3

Back to the Past?

Every once in awhile I go back through my old posts and review them just to remember what my life was like a few years ago.  Oftentimes, the things I say make me cringe like I was reading the bad poetry I wrote when I was 13.  Sometimes though, it does bring up stuff I forgot and am really happy remembering.

I think I’m in a bit of a sentimental mood, because I just put on Norah Jones’ first album, which I listened to the entire time I was in the Peace Corps.  It’s been helping, because a lot of those memories of knocking around my apartment cooking and spending alone time were happy for me.  (As a side effect, Norah also makes me want to make my own cereal, like I used to.)

Over the last few months of my relationship, I think one of the reasons I let my ex treat me as badly as he did was that I didn’t want to be alone.  But now, listening to great musing and remembering my past, it makes me realize that, while I am happy to be with someone, I am just as happy doing my thing alone.  I know that I surprised a large number of people with my willingness to move on as quickly as I have, but it was more that I don’t need a man in my life, so if there is someone that doesn’t want to be with me, then…. easy come, easy go.

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