Dec 17


This morning, or should I say afternoon, I woke up to see that once again, my website was buggy and had reverted back to my original blog.  I have no idea why this has happened twice, but it has convinced me that I need to be more vigilant to see if everything is working.

I should be redesigning this site anyway, because I have not been happy with how it currently looks.  I want something a little more me.  Right now, I feel like a scrapbooker, which is not exactly me.

Since I am done with school for the semester, I have been lazy.  My entire sleep schedule is out of whack, and for the first time since I was a teenager, I am going to sleep at 3am and waking up at noon.  Truly, slacker behavior.  I think I’m also starting to panic, because I don’t have a job yet and need to have some security.  Talking myself from the ledge is going to get much more difficult in the coming months.  This panic is manifesting itself in manic-like bouts of Doing Something, and then depressively watching reruns of crappy VH1 reality shows.

But!! All my holiday shopping is done, so I do feel a little accomplished.

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