Dec 21

Have a Cool Yule!

One of the things we pagans like to bandy about this time of year is How Pagan Christmas Is.  We even have songs called “Christmastime is Pagan” to remind ourselves that it is totally acceptable to decorate trees (Germanic pagan symbol of everlasting life), give each other presents, and talk about jolly elves that live in the north pole.  (Although any Celtic pagan knows that elves are actually a little scary.)

Yule is the holiday that we celebrate on the Winter Solstice, where the Sun God is born. And most importantly, that the days will begin to get longer and we begin a whole new cycle of life.  Since this winter has been dark for me, with the early snowfalls and the death of loved ones, I am looking forward to a little brightness in my life this year.  While I know that the weather will continue to be crappy for the next couple of months, and the nights still long, it’s always heartening to know that the bulk of physical darkness is behind me.


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