Dec 3

In Kuala Lumpur

Or “KL” as everyone calls it. These past two days have been very exciting. I left Philly on the 30th, and proceeded on a 20 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur. It was pretty uneventful for the most part. There was the scramble in Seoul to do a flight transfer in an hour. Honestly, I thought America had the most annoying airports, but since the Incheon Airport in Seoul makes you re-do the security checks a second time during a transfer, I would have to say that they are actually far more annoying. Tip: when tranfering in Seoul – make sure your layover is 2 hours at a minimum. It will keep you from running from the check-in to the gate.

I got in at 12:05 AM, and had the hotel travel office pick me up and take me to the hotel. The first night was a little rough – I am really accustomed now to American hotels and forgot what hotels were like in other countries. It didn’t take me long to adjust – by the morning it seemed great!

Yesterday was the best. Dara and Leo took me out and were the perfect hosts. I did most of my Christmas shopping, and everything at the shops was very cool. In fact, it was hard to choose1 Should I pick this very cool thing, or that one? Decisions, decisions. For myself, I purchased black laquer shoes with a mother-of-pearl inlay.

I also had lunch at a banana leaf cafe, where – obviously – you eat your meal on a banana leaf. Many people use their fingers to eat (and there are facilities to wash up before you do), but we all opted for utensils. As Leo said, everyone is multiracial, so no one cares if you eat the way you’re “supposed” to.

Later, we saw the movie Enchanted which was seriously hilarious. I was a little iffy on it at first, but Dara seemed to really love it, so I gave it a chance. It was incredibly funny.

Before I went home, I also ate some durian. Durian isn’t allowed in the hotel because of its stench, so we ate it off the back of a fruit cart around midnight when it’s the cheapest. I have never had a fruit before that was creamy, and it was delicious. I did not breathe through my nose though, and couldn’t eat too much of it at first.

Today I had a business meeting and explored Chinatown. I’m thinking about buying a Louis Vuiton knockoff purse. Although the Chanel knockoffs are pretty cool too.


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