• Review Roundup

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    Here are some of the articles you might have missed that I think turned out pretty well: My article Tinker Bell is Really a Succubus It’s not just retelling fairy tales, Greek myths, and even historical

  • Spaghetti Salad

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    I’m not normally a fan of experiments that I make myself from scratch. I have always been a better editor than a creative, and that extends to cooking. I can take a recipe, make

Feb 25

Movie Review – Charlie’s Angels

When I found out about Charlie’s Angels playing at a theater in my small little town, I had mixed feelings. Having been burnt by Mission: Impossible, I was wary of any movie trying to

Feb 21 – with a new server!

I paid for the hosting service. I was sitting at the bus stop the other day and it turns out I lost my $85 bus pass. So naturally, I freaked out. I

Feb 18

Site updates and new room

Okay, so I’ve moved in to the most wonderful residence yet. Huge rooms, huge backyard, great tiling and… no cat smell! Yay! So one down, and about 10 million things to do. First, about

Feb 6

More roomate drama

My roomate’s still not out of the apartment. She keeps leaving her stuff, like that damn salamander, as if she is marking her territory in some way. I really hate her, and

Feb 4


Okay, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, that my roomate stealing my can opener as she is moving out of our apartment is minimal. I mean, the nutjob gets drunk

Feb 1

Harry Potter Review (with some Practical Magic)

I watched Practical Magic tonight. This in and of itself is not particularly important, except that the movie is based on a novel by Alice Hoffman. Therefore, it got me to thinking about books