• Review Roundup

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    Here are some of the articles you might have missed that I think turned out pretty well: My article Tinker Bell is Really a Succubus It’s not just retelling fairy tales, Greek myths, and even historical

  • Spaghetti Salad

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    I’m not normally a fan of experiments that I make myself from scratch. I have always been a better editor than a creative, and that extends to cooking. I can take a recipe, make

Aug 29

Suspended in air

I am on another leg of my third, round trip, transcontinental flight in two weeks. Finally, a rare treat to break the monotony: a small plane powered by dual propellers. The constant flying has

Jul 24

CSA Coleslaw

This week in my CSA box I received root veggies for the first time. But more importantly – I also received cabbage, which I had been waiting for to cook some borscht. Then I

Jun 21

New computer!

In 2007, after much chest beating, I decided to switch from a windows PC to a Mac. And that Mac has served me well for the last five years, through school and article writing

Jun 16


Last night I went out to a fancy restaurant with a group of girls, and it was a lot of fun. I have made a decision though that I think should carry me through

Jun 14

War and Religion

On Facebook the other day, one of my friends posted that religion was the greatest cause for war. After giving it some thought, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Of course, being interested in sociology

Jun 12

CSA Week Two

I know you are all waiting with bated breath for these CSA updates. But I’m excited! After a hard day at work, it’s nice to go pick up fresh food and figure out what