• Review Roundup

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    Here are some of the articles you might have missed that I think turned out pretty well: My article Tinker Bell is Really a Succubus It’s not just retelling fairy tales, Greek myths, and even historical

  • Spaghetti Salad

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    I’m not normally a fan of experiments that I make myself from scratch. I have always been a better editor than a creative, and that extends to cooking. I can take a recipe, make

Jun 9

New Layout!

There’s been a bit of a change here at I hope you like the new layout. The last one was created in 2009, and I’d been feeling the need for a new theme

Jun 8

Not converting! But still.

I saw the play Godspell a week or so ago, and I’ll tell you a couple of things about it. First, I did not know it was the story of the Book of Matthew

Jun 6


I’ve been reading a lot about fear recently. Gavin de Becker’s Gift of Fear was a great book because it teaches people how to use the right kind of fear. When we are in

Jun 4

Continuation of Snow White Thoughts

Last month, I posted a version of this article at Geek Speak. This is a redacted version of the whole article, and I highly encourage you to read it here. This is sort of

Jun 3


One of the concerns I’ve seen about the new movie Snow White and the Huntsman is that Kristen Stewart can’t act. And I agree with that: I think she really only has one facial

May 30

The harm TV does to kids

According to this article, a study was conducted of approximately 400 preteen students in the Midwest, both black and white. It looked at the amount of time they spent in front of the television