• Review Roundup

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    Here are some of the articles you might have missed that I think turned out pretty well: My article Tinker Bell is Really a Succubus It’s not just retelling fairy tales, Greek myths, and even historical

  • Spaghetti Salad

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    I’m not normally a fan of experiments that I make myself from scratch. I have always been a better editor than a creative, and that extends to cooking. I can take a recipe, make

May 29

Community Agriculture!

Earlier in the spring, I was jonesing for some good fruits and vegetables. In the city, these items are trucked in, because there is no native agriculture. This means that people pay a premium

May 24

Dark Shadows — this month on Geek Speak!

This article is cross-posted at Geek Speak Magazine. I didn’t get much of a chance to contribute this month on anything because of work, but I hope you like this piece! The concept was simple:

May 23

Site Update — May 23, 2012

You’ll see that I added a subscription feature to the blog. You can now be notified via email of any new posts if you subscribe. It’s pretty

May 22

After the weight contest

I know I haven’t been updating about the weight contest with any regularity, but events have conspired against me. 10-12 hour work days and workout schedule precluded posting. But I did win this contest,

May 21

Existential Break with Reality

Over the past month or so, I’ve felt like a bunch of people have gotten together and seen how many times they can kick me in the head. Figuratively, of course. It might be

May 11

I got your protein right here

The other day, someone figured out that I was a vegetarian, and so of course asked me where I got my protein. I suppose, of the three responses everyone has to a vegetarian, asking