Feb 9

Say hello to my little friend

A week or so ago, I wanted to get a little green in my apartment. Luckily, there is a garden shop in the neighborhood. This little gal gets a forever home with me. Now

Dec 23

To my niece, on her birthday tomorrow

I love someecards.  Happy Birthday,

May 30

Candy Land

I try to be an honest, genuine person.  I don’t do anything academically shady, I usually tell the truth, and I am faithful to my partners.  However, there is one avenue where I have

Apr 10

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is able to come to my graduation, which I did not anticipate, but am pleasantly surprised that it is happening.  In the meantime, I hope she has a great birthday. This birthday means

Dec 27

Email Forwards

I cross posted this on Facebook As a woman, I sometimes get “tips” on how to avoid sexual assault.  And, according to, usually these tips are misleading and could result in a woman getting

Nov 12


When I was young, maybe 11 years old, I decided to get a spiral perm.  Really, it was all the rage among the kid set and a few of my friends already had this