Jan 1

Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s Nest Soup is a Chinese delicacy. One of the more expensive food products around, I picked it up from a shop in Singapore on my trip. The shopkeeper gave me instructions on how

Jan 1

Sweet Potato Colcannon

For those of you who are not Irish and did not grow up on potatoes from birth, colcannon is an Irish one pot meal that consists of mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale and

May 29

Community Agriculture!

Earlier in the spring, I was jonesing for some good fruits and vegetables. In the city, these items are trucked in, because there is no native agriculture. This means that people pay a premium

May 11

I got your protein right here

The other day, someone figured out that I was a vegetarian, and so of course asked me where I got my protein. I suppose, of the three responses everyone has to a vegetarian, asking

Apr 23

Potluck Rules

I was just at a potluck brunch over the weekend that was quite a bit of fun. I met some fantastic women and Facebook-friended one so far. As far as my mission this year

Apr 21


I’m going to a brunch this weekend, and I have to being something. While I can whip together an awesome salad, soup, or dinner entree, I’m not so great with desserts and breakfast foods.