Apr 7

I have no space left

Sometimes I go a bit overboard with the produce. I’m not even sure what happened. All I know is that it’s going to be difficult to consume that many veggies before they go

Feb 25

Blending woes

My blender is partially broken. This is a huge catastrophe in the world, and I’m pretty surprised that I’m not in sack cloth and ashes about it. The fact is, it still works, but

Feb 22

The Best Hangover Cure Ever

Getting food poisoning last week made me frustrated because I was stuck in a hotel, unable to follow the food poisoning protocol that I developed in the Peace Corps with one great complement I

Feb 20

Flavor Combinations

I’m finally sitting in my apartment, after what seems like being away forever. A week of traveling for work, and then a mini-break with my aunt and uncle that was pretty relaxing. At the

Jan 4

It’s almost perfect if you don’t mess it up!

I posted my chili recipe on a message board for healthy chili recipes. Some guy just posted this reply that stated that he ‘made little changes’ like adding pineapple, taking out the tomato paste

Mar 13

Two Soups

Next week I’m going to get the first of my eyes fixed with PRK. Apparently, the recovery is much longer than LASIK, so I’ve been cooking up a storm. Two soups, for lunches and