Dec 27

Email Forwards

I cross posted this on Facebook As a woman, I sometimes get “tips” on how to avoid sexual assault.  And, according to, usually these tips are misleading and could result in a woman getting

Dec 3

Back to the Past?

Every once in awhile I go back through my old posts and review them just to remember what my life was like a few years ago.  Oftentimes, the things I say make me cringe

Oct 10

Breaking up is hard to do

I’m here in Minneapolis, going to a career fair.  The second largest, actually.  I went to the largest a couple of weeks ago in New Orleans, and it has definitely been exhausting.  My feet

Sep 19
I’m having a party!

I’m having a party!

I spent the majority of last night doing some planning for my party today.  I have gotten together an iTunes playlist for the stereo, but of course my favorite part is always the food! My

Sep 18

The Tao of Friday – With Birthday Thoughts!!

Tomorrow I’ll be 30!  One of the best things I have learned from a friend is when I first met Dara.  For some reason, we got on the topic of her turning 30, and

Jun 25

Another day.

Today was a combination of good and bad.  I know every  day is a little like that just to be normal, but today everything was extreme.  Either it made me want to freak out