Jun 14

Trip to Liberty and Ellis Island

Today the boy and I went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  I hadn’t seen them, and neither had, he, but I think he got more out of it.  His grandfather

May 26

Memorial Day and beyond

After a weekend of Memorial Day partying,Tony and I are settled back into his apartment and trying to get errands done before I go to New York. I’m still a bit apprehensive to tell

Apr 23

Party Crashed

And it was good. I totally acted like I belonged and there were no temper tantrums. It was killing two birds with one stone: I showed that I will not be treated

Apr 22

Crashing the party

The person referenced below, in an attempt to act as middle school as possible, is “hosting” a huge party at the Olive Garden for two of my friends. She invited, I think, every

Apr 8

Escaping the crazy

Before coming to MBA school, I have been in two abusive relationships. The first was with a boyfriend when I was 18 and the second was with my first counterpart in the Peace

Mar 11

Bad Luck

You know how, in the Southern Hemisphere, water runs in a different direction. I felt as if both water and my luck turned in Chile. It’s not Chile’s fault, not really, but