Apr 17

What I am thankful for

Okay, so I open the school newspaper today and I read everything like I normally do. Then I look casually through the classifieds and spotted my roomate’s ad for the room she’s kicking

Mar 27

Kick Back the Night!

Are you in the Tucson Area? Are you a woman? Go check out Odyssey Fitness/Martail Sciences new event, Kick Back The Night! For just a $1 donation, you can get a night of Women’s

Mar 25

Sunday Seven again

Seven favorite TV characters of all time… 1. Willow of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2. Rainbow Brite (well, she did say “of all time”) 3. Jem (“showtime Synergy!”) 4. Helen Gamble of The Practice 5. Jonathan of Buffy

Feb 18

Site updates and new room

Okay, so I’ve moved in to the most wonderful residence yet. Huge rooms, huge backyard, great tiling and… no cat smell! Yay! So one down, and about 10 million things to do. First, about

Feb 6

More roomate drama

My roomate’s still not out of the apartment. She keeps leaving her stuff, like that damn salamander, as if she is marking her territory in some way. I really hate her, and

Feb 4


Okay, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, that my roomate stealing my can opener as she is moving out of our apartment is minimal. I mean, the nutjob gets drunk