Dec 30

Blogging Resolution

At the beginning of this year, it was my resolution to have about 180 posts.  Clearly, I am not going to make it.  However, I am proud of myself that I have posted more

Dec 23

To my niece, on her birthday tomorrow

I love someecards.  Happy Birthday,

Nov 15

November Events

There are two events that happen in November that I think it would be fin to participate in: National Novel Writing Month.  I still don’t know what I would want to write.  But all my

Oct 31

Happy Halloween

I am going to the Annual Witches’ Ball here in NYC.  I hope you all will be having a great

Jun 17

Moving to NY!!

Last weekend I spent some time with my best friends in Manhattan, as well as some of their friends.  It was the perfect weekend.  I had just come from a work training and was

Jan 5

Happy New Year!

As you can see from my Twitter feed, I have two resolutions this year.  I also have a shadow resolution.  I’m not sure if they’ll pan out, like most resolutions they only last as