Sep 19
I’m having a party!

I’m having a party!

I spent the majority of last night doing some planning for my party today.  I have gotten together an iTunes playlist for the stereo, but of course my favorite part is always the food! My

May 26

Memorial Day and beyond

After a weekend of Memorial Day partying,Tony and I are settled back into his apartment and trying to get errands done before I go to New York. I’m still a bit apprehensive to tell

Jul 26
A vacation… in Hel

A vacation… in Hel

On every road trip we go to, the return trip is always taken in a different direction than how we begin. That way, we get a different adventure both times. The weekend

Jul 7

Tony liked the pig roast part

When I am going on a trip, I usually try to bring my camera this weekend. This weekend was a perfect example of why I like to do that, so of course I

Dec 24

Flying home

I flew back home last week at this time. It was a 20 hour flight in which I went backwards in time and saw two sunrises. I am getting all my pictures rounded up

Oct 8


My nephew’s 1st birthday is coming up on the 26th, and my first response was “Oh, man, I gotta get something for him!” But now I think I’m taking a step back.