May 28

Happy Memorial Day

This year, I have done a lot of thinking about war and our troops. I have had discussions, debates and arguments with people about body armor, helmets, the appropriateness of beer ads exploiting

Feb 1


Candlemas is tomorrow. In Wicca, we call Candlemas Imbolc. However, I like the name Candlemas, because it really does show off the festival of lights feeling I get from the holiday. The

Jan 16

Out of my depth

The funniest thing that happened in New York was on the way there. My boyfriend’s mother asked me if I smoked pot. If it had been anyone else, I would have been totally put

Dec 22

The Longest Night

The longest night is tonight. Tonight is my holiday, almost forgotten in the debates about other holidays that tangentally affect me too. Will this store be papered in blue and white, or

Dec 11

A gift is your heart

I have been surfing the Internet lately for new and inventive ways to wrap presents. I also have been to the library and checked out books. For the first time in my

May 10

Where I’m finished with this school thing for a long, long time

So I just got done with my last final and I’m turning it in tomorrow. Woohoo! Which means that I now have time to blog and email and surf and do a ton