Dec 17


This morning, or should I say afternoon, I woke up to see that once again, my website was buggy and had reverted back to my original blog.  I have no idea why this has

Dec 6

Off my butt

The last couple of days have seen me holed up in my apartment while it is snowing outside.  Have I mentioned that I hate snow?  Probably about a million times.  I can deal with

Nov 19

Marketing Fail

One of the things about going through this MBA program is that I have been looking at marketing in a whole new way.  When I see an advertisement on TV or the internet, I

Nov 8

Bad behavior

I have been doing a good job of rebounding lately.  I have flirted and chatted with a bunch of guys, some of whom are interested in going out with me (and the feeling is

Oct 28

Cover Letter

Dear Universe, I have an interview today. Please don’t let me screw it up. Also, could you send me a job? I’ll pay for

Oct 1


While I am trying to blog as much as I can this year, I can’t even think about that when finals approaches. And since I am at a school that has a quarter