Jan 13

Why New Yorkers annoy me sometimes

Today: 1. I am working out at the gym, on the power rack (which essentially means that the weightlifting bar has safety catches so the bar can’t fall on you). There are four power racks

Sep 10

New York Boys

The text messaging went on forever, and I hoped that we could just talk, which is unlike me. When someone who hates phone conversations just wants to get the thing straightened out, then you

Feb 2

Subway Scare

After getting onto the subway platform, I just barely missed my train home. While waiting for the next one, I heard scuffling behind me one platform over and I saw two rather large men

Nov 5

The heat is on. Literally.

The law in New York it says that all landlords have to pay for heat. However, there are specific rules that the landlord must follow to obey the law. First, the landlord must turn

Oct 19

That’s two and a half months

I am currently in a rent dispute with my landlord. I moved in April with one rent. I installed an air conditioner on my own dime and am now being charged five dollars more.

Oct 3

One way street

One thing that’s been a topic of conversation for me has been adult friendships, particularly in New York. A friend of a friend moved here recently and we’ve been hanging out and spending time