Sep 28


I am addicted to this game. At first, it was just a newspaper diversion from being on my phone in the subway. Now it has grown into a challenge. I have the game on

Aug 2

Year of Dating in New York – a review

Since moving to New York a year or so ago, I have dated seven men. Some of them have been featured in this blog, of course, but not all. Of that seven, three have

Jul 11

Heat Stroke

In May, I tried to get my super to install my window air conditioning unit, but there were two hurdles: I needed a bracket so that there was no risk of my window unit

May 8
Dresses - the Drag Queen Specials

The Best Halloween Costume Ever

For a few years now, I’ve wanted to dress up like a drag queen for Halloween. Not really to look like a man dressed as a woman, but to go all out with the

Apr 18

On the train

I saw a girl studying on the downtown subway. Suddenly, she picked her nose and ate it. I had a tough day cognitively today because yesterday’s move was hard. A lot of stuff remains

Apr 14


Earlier this month, my landlord announced that he wanted to knock down the walls of my apartment to get to the rats that are scratching at them every night. Of course, if he had just