Dec 29

Exile from the Snowpocalypse

I’m still in Pennsylvania because, while there was a blizzard, NY is taking an obscenely long amount of time to plow it from Brooklyn.   My boss sent me pictures of our office on Monday,

Nov 17


Tonight I went to my car to put some stuff in the trunk, and move it because it was a little too close to a hydrant. As I came upon it, I noticed

Oct 28


Driving in New York is a tough slog day in and day out.  You’ve already read about my road rage instances, but there’s more! This morning, I was driving to work, and I tried to

Oct 24

Not funny

I was at a get together the other night and, as I arrived, a guy came and approached me. A guy that I am sort of friends with, but don’t know very well.

Sep 19

Happy Birthday! To me!

My birthday is usually my favorite day of the year. I always say that, no matter what happens, I always have a good day on the 19th. Last year, I had

Sep 2

The Bachelorette: NY Transplant Edition (Part Two)

I am going to do a multi-part series on my adventures in the hopes that it amuses all of you.  While not amusing at the time, I hope that I have