Aug 30


A few weeks ago, I was following a co-worker to happy hour.  He’s not very good to follow, and kind of swerved at the last minute into a lane.  I put on my turn

Jul 26

Hot in the city

Last night the temperature plummeted to almost 70 degrees, and I was able to cool my non-air conditioned apartment down to 80 by this morning. I’m positively giddy – a couple of nights

Jul 6

Good-bye State College!

I am right now on the bus leaving State College.  I have left my keys in my empty, locked apartment and said sayonara to my super.  Truth be told, I’m going to miss my

Jul 5

Urban Camping

I have two apartments and no furniture.  The ridiculousness of my situation has made me hesitant to couch surf.  Additionally, one of the reasons I don’t have roommates is that I really don’t want

Jul 1

Wait and Hurry Up

To get to New York, because all the strapping young men are gone, I have hired movers to come, pack, and transport my stuff.  While I thought this would be very convenient (if pricey),

Jun 17

Moving to NY!!

Last weekend I spent some time with my best friends in Manhattan, as well as some of their friends.  It was the perfect weekend.  I had just come from a work training and was