Jun 1

Baby, you’re on the brink

Thank god for June! May was quite possibly the most stressful month of my time in the MBA program, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  After graduation, I busted my

Oct 10

Breaking up is hard to do

I’m here in Minneapolis, going to a career fair.  The second largest, actually.  I went to the largest a couple of weeks ago in New Orleans, and it has definitely been exhausting.  My feet

Aug 15

Just like a dream

Yesterday was my last day at work, and so this weekend I am packing to go back home.  This summer, with all of its excitement, has felt like a dream.  I have been happier

Aug 5

Things I will miss about New York!

One of the most magical things I discovered when I got here was the large amount of vegan food here.  One of my favorite things to eat all summer has been this tofu spread

Jun 25

Another day.

Today was a combination of good and bad.  I know every  day is a little like that just to be normal, but today everything was extreme.  Either it made me want to freak out

Jun 18

New York experience

I walked into a store to look around.  It was very chic, the clothes all expensive in the latest styles.  The saleswoman told me about the sales rack and let me know that all