Feb 22

The Best Hangover Cure Ever

Getting food poisoning last week made me frustrated because I was stuck in a hotel, unable to follow the food poisoning protocol that I developed in the Peace Corps with one great complement I

Jun 16

Ethnic Cleansing

The ethnic cleansing going on right now in Kyrgyzstan is breaking my heart. If you want to see some pictures, this link comes from NPR. The idea of hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks fleeing

Dec 3

Back to the Past?

Every once in awhile I go back through my old posts and review them just to remember what my life was like a few years ago.  Oftentimes, the things I say make me cringe

Sep 9


A new torture that the administration is putting on us students is a “Service Immersion” in the spring, in between our quarters and before spring break.  I’m actually a bit bitter about these immersions:

Apr 8

Escaping the crazy

Before coming to MBA school, I have been in two abusive relationships. The first was with a boyfriend when I was 18 and the second was with my first counterpart in the Peace

Mar 8

The watchword is ‘vigilance’

In the Peace Corps Uzbekistan, my safety and security officer was named Alijon. Alijon’s key phrase was always ‘Be vigilant.’ Always know your surroundings and watch the people around you for both guidance and