Dec 18

‘Tis the season to be militant and conformist

One of my friends from the Peace Corps is living in the US now after getting married to an American and obtaining her visa. Yesterday we finally got to talk after playing phone

Nov 13

Not Only Ointment

I went to GNC yesterday to get more protein powder for the aforementioned protein diet. I was pretty excited, as the powder I found was about 100 calories for every 20g of protein

Sep 29

Ok, so after looking at three Internet cafes in the area that I live, I have come to the conclusion that people here don’t get that you have to actually have the Internet to

Sep 2

At the conference I was at a while ago, I was having a little difficulty and just overall cranky. One of the people I came to this country with, a guy that I

Aug 19

Yesterday, I realized that no matter how detached I can be at times, cooly handling a situation (such as police extortion) that would have the average American reaching for a tire iron, I can

Aug 12

The quarterly volunteer newspaper came out and in it was a rather interesting article about being back in the western world. The author wrote about visiting Italy and simply noticing all the appalling