Sep 18


A short time ago, Mother Jones published a fundraising speech by Mitt Romney where he disparaged 47% of Americans by implying that they are freeloaders. After the video, my news feeds were blowing up

Aug 31

Since Carter/Reagan

While people were watching the Olympics and cheering their team on to the gold and silver, I was quiet in anticipation of my own favorite Games. The story goes that as early as 1980,

Oct 27

Game-Hating Socialists

Thinking about the #Occupy protests, and how they’ve really evolved has gotten me thinking. Of course, I support people protesting the corruption between the financial industry and the government, and how the wealth gap

Dec 22

Wikileaks and rape

So much has been said on this subject, but I can’t stop watching what has been going on with this case.  Or, I suppose, comment on it.  I am horrified and feel a lump

Dec 12

Privilege Denying Dude

I love this internet meme.  Called Privilege Denying Dude, so much of it is funny because it’s what actual guys say sometimes, or at least the clueless, genuinely stupid things.  What I like about

Dec 8

It’s “funny-sad” not “funny-haha”

From a WikiLeaks wire comes this great quote from Kazakhstan’s First Vice President Maksat Idenov: “As it’s always been, it’s about big money. Capitalism — you call it market economy — means huge money. Listen,